Welcome to St. Francis School

St. Francis School will provide an exhilarating and inspiring learning environment which provides an opportunity for all students to achieve goal for lifetime. The school offers an arena of peace and tranquility where traditional principles underpin a modern, forward-thinking outlook, which gives our students the confidence and skills to know that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do. Our standards and expectations are high and we pride ourselves in giving every student the opportunity to excel, to fulfill his/her potential and become highly qualified, equipped fully for the demands and exciting challenges of life.



A scholar has rightly said, it you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest. It means you should start working hard from the very beginning if you long to excel in any sphere of life. So wake up and decide what do you want to become in your life. Each day move a step ahead towards your goal. Set your aim high. One day, the success will surely be yours. A single but determined and confident step will take you nearer towards your goal. S0 never give up Be an "Adarshian'. Remember, when you perform at the highest level of commitment, accolades do follow...


  • A - Analyst
  • D - Dyanmic
  • A - Amicable
  • R - Researcher
  • S - Sensible
  • H - Honest
  • I - Imaginative
  • A - Artful
  • N - Notable


At the level of primary classes. the school follows a non—formal approach to learning. The emphasis is on value based. activity oriented education in which learning i s a joy and in which the children explore the environment through art, craft, music, dance and other play activities instead of the traditional ‘Chalk and Talk‘ method. The aim of the school is to promote creativity and enrich the power of expression, The amalgamation of latest technology in education is the latest mantra which will enrich student-learning curve, Computer education is provided right from the Nursery class. The school has a band of qualified and experienced staff headed by a competent principal. The teachers build a close rapport with the students which in-turn makes teaching and learning a joyful experience. Extra emphasis is laid on the spoken English of the students who are exposed to the latest trends in educational technology through smart classes.